Enjoy Independence Day!

Ariel Fireworks Display
Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy your neighbors. Enjoy your town. Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your day.

Enjoy this haiku:

Springing up from rest,
Flames erupt with excitement,
Presenting a dance.
by Poet on the Piano

Enjoy those we came before and helped build this great nation. Enjoy those who dream, build and protect the future.

Enjoy this poem:

Freedom’s Price

Today we celebrate freedom
thanks to those who came before.
Those brave men who fought and died
in each and every war.
Freedom always comes at a price,
And while we celebrate
We should tip our hats to the heroes
who made our country great.
by Unknown

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your night. Enjoy your celebration.

Enjoy making this a Safe and Fun holiday. Wear eye protection.

OpEd in the Emporia Gazette.


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