14 ways to have a Safe and Fun 4th of July!

1: Wear Eye Protection
2: Adult supervisors
3: One punk or lighter per adult supervisor
4: Read and Follow Safety Information
5: Have a First Aid Kit close by
6: Have a hose or large buckets of water ready
7: Have one or more designated fireworks lighting areas
8: Keep unlit fireworks in a close-able fire resistant containercropped-2012-07-05-08.22.16.jpg
9: Do not light punks or lighters within 20 feet of unlit fireworks
10: Do not light fireworks within 100 feet of stored fireworks
11: Mount mortar type fireworks to a long board or other stable platform
12: Do not point or toss fireworks at people or populated areas
13: Keep lighting areas free of tripping hazards
14: Relax, but stay alert, and enjoy

Do you have some ways to keep your celebration Safe and Fun? Let us know.

Would you also consider helping us spread the word about eye safety when celebrating with fireworks? Feel free to print these fliers and handouts. SafeandFun Flier 2015 & SafeandFun Handout Take them to your favorite fireworks stand and ask if they will display or include them with a purchase. Remember to get a picture and share it with us.

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