One Year Later

My son is the young boy in the message on the home page of The experience was very traumatic for him. His attitude and recovery have been beyond expectation. Even the doctors and nurses who have seen him recover over the past year have made comments about how well he has done.

There was a lot of concern about how well the healing process would go. There were even times that it seemed like the situation was taking a turn for the worse. Our son handled it all very well. Sometimes there were things that he would rather do than put in eye drops, but he was often the one to remind us that he needed them.

His eye and eyelids have made an amazing recovery. Photo by Katelyn Vonfeldt
His eye and eyelids have made an amazing recovery. Photo by Katelyn Vonfeldt

Here we are a year after the tragedy and his eye has recovered well. We have a lot of doctors, nurses and praying family and friends to thank. He still has some healing to do. If someone or something gets too close to his injured eye, he has an emotional response beyond what most people have. That is understandable. His vision has been nearly restored, but he will likely need corrective surgery to get it back to 20/20.

This year, he has been spreading the message of eye safety for children by visiting local fireworks stands and asking them to post a message to children and adults. (SafeandFun_Flier_2015) He has also been asking them to hand out some reminders to other children. (SafeandFunHandout) Will you help him remind children around the country to protect their eyes this 4th of July?

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